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Driveways and Parking Pads

We do many jobs with our heavy equipment, but perhaps one of our favorites is building new driveways and resurfacing old. We often install construction entrances for property access, as well as resurface stone driveways with material we source directly from the quarry. In addition if you need more parking we can easily add vehicle or RV parking sites to your land.

Tree and Stump Removal

When requested, we offer tree clearing for new site development or home building. Our excavators and skid steers of various sizes easily remove stumps from the ground, we will then bury or haul them away in our trucks based on the customer’s desire.


The last two years have offered record rainfall. Our drainage team has been busy installing new culvert piping, French drains, underground rainwater systems, as well as retention ponds.

Grading and Pole Building Pads

The demand for pole buildings has sky rocketed and so has the need to prepare the site. We have perfected grading and compacting the future site for these structures and will handle the whole site preparation process including importing the required stone base. All pads are lazar leveled for grade and drainage.

Septic and Holding Tanks

If you need a septic or holding tank removed, installed or pumped out, we will handle the whole process.  We have even completed full system installs for a large resort in Palmerton PA, capable of handling 800 gallons per day.  Also popular are our 500 and 1,000 RV holding tanks for campsites.

Boulder Walls

Give your property a makeover with a natural boulder wall. We excavate the area and install large boulders to maintain ground stability, erosion control, or to simply enhance the value and beauty of your home. We will import the boulders or unearth and work with rocks you may have on site.


Tired of that old unused in ground pool? Let us remove it for you. We have large demolition breakers that will hammer apart the 12” thick concrete. How about that old garage or trailer on your property? No problem, as our excavators with thumbs have enough reach to dismantle and then load dumpsters for removal. That eyesore is only a phone call away from disappearing.

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Since starting in 2010 we have been specializing in commercial snow removal as well as landscaping and outdoor services for Walnutport and the surrounding areas. Contact Us Today!

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