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Since 2010

Since 2010 we have been a proud member of SIMA (snow industry management association) which promotes education, safety, and training to all its members in North America.  Belonging to this organization exemplifies dedication to the snow removal industry. Just like most companies our journey started with only one plow truck. We now have a fleet of loaders and trucks to handle 50 acres or more of pavement.

Advanced Prestorm Planning

Days before a potential event we are monitoring conditions and planning our snow fighting strategy as every storm offers different challenges ranging from temperature, timing, moisture, and duration. We have time tested knowledge and experience helping us deploy the correct pre-treatment and plowing strategies needed to keep your site safe.

Modern Equipment

It is our priority to replace equipment every three to five years. It is our belief that newer trucks and loaders are not only more reliable, but promote a more comfortable environment for our staff who may often spend up to 10 to 20 hours or more in a machine for a single storm.  We also ensure our newer machines are safe for your site as foot traffic is a top concern for us.

On site salt Storage

When possible, we stockpile road salt on large sites to maximize efficiency and eliminate dangerous and long travel time. Often this is most valuable during refreeze events or early 5:00AM site checks. We build salt bins from mobile concrete blocks and then cover salt with tarps or canopies.

Parking Lot clearing

With our curb to curb snow clearing, you receive a safe, clean, parking lot. This invites customers to your business or facility, quickly after a storm. Our trucks are equipped with 10’ blades, while our loaders have 10’ – 16’ snow pushers capable of moving massive amounts of snow long distances quickly.

Ice alert Signs and Curb markers

We offer reflective staking to protect curbing, landscaping, sidewalks, etc. from stacked snow and equipment damage. Also for those customers with 24 hour foot and vehicle traffic, we install reflective Ice Alert signage, which indicates when temperatures falls below freezing, this added warning helps property managers, fight against slip and fall claims.

Treated Salt

PA Winter Services is one of the few snow contractors in the Lehigh valley to use treated rock salt. Unlike normal salt which is effective to about 20 degrees, treated rock salt, which is also tinted green for identification, melts to lower temperatures, reducing refreeze cycles and especially overnight ice formation when ground temperature often drops into the single digits.

On Site Managers

The owner and managers work on site during the clearing process to ensure the best job possible for you. No job will ever be left unfinished for any reason.

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Since starting in 2010 we have been specializing in commercial snow removal as well as landscaping and outdoor services for Walnutport and the surrounding areas. Contact Us Today!

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